The ERC20 Exchange

An Ethereum Blockchain Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

List your token with an ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency exchange.

If your token has a contract address on etherscan you can list your token on our exchange platform.


Easy to use, simple to list. One time licensing charge.

Users can publicly purchase tokens direct to their ether wallet, only can list the

available supply and tokens listed.

Need a token created?


How do I earn using the exchange platform?

You receive payment direct to your provided ethereum wallet. The wallet must be able to accept erc20 tokens. Users receive ethereum blockchain token cypt coin direct to wallet at the time of listing the erc20 token on the site in exchange for their listed tokens. The tokens are then listed on the ERC20 Exchange.

We are currently undergoing upgrades and are awaiting platform 2.0. Grow with us!

$99.99 Regular Price
$49.99 Limited To The First 20 Tokens

If you list your token, we will add you to The Token list (coming soon) where your coin/token will stay listed permanently